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First We Marched--Now We Run

Who We Are


Our mission is to elect progressive female candidates to office and to educate all voters on local, state and national issues; and to identify and support the election of qualified women Democratic candidates.  

Our Top Issues

Electing Women to Office

Women's Reproductive Rights

Equal Pay for Equal Work


Human Rights


Environmental Issues


Opposing Trump's Radical Agenda

Taking Action


On November 8th, 2016, many of us went to bed as Democrats. November 9th, we awoke as activists! Our organization is ready to mobilize. We need to take back Congress and we need to bring back our constitutional right, that we are all created equal. 

We will support issues and the candidates that support the rights of all marginalized groups under attack by Trump and his administration.

We are motivated to turn every seat from City to County to the State and Federal levels of representatives BLUE!




Saturday is almost here!  The weather reports are encouraging, and we are all very excited to help make this another spectacular event.

If you purchased a seat on the PWD bus, I've sent you a separate email with bus information.

We have a PWD member who has some mobility issues and needs a ride to the March.  If you have space in your vehicle, or know someone who might be able to provide a ride, please let me know as soon as possible.

Placer Women Democrats is a registered marching contingent and will be marching as a group with our banner.  If you would like to march with the group, please plan to meet other PWD members at the corner of 8th and T in Southside Park.  This corner will probably be used as a staging area for other groups, so look for our banner.  Once you've arrived at the Capitol, come find the PWD table in the Call-To-Action Alley.  

 Take lots of pictures so we can add more photos to our website gallery showing PWD in Action. Have a wonderful day. #TheFutureIsFemale 

Contact Us

Call, email, text, or #hashtag us 


#placerwomendemocrats #PWDca #resist



Placer Women Democrats

P.O.Box 2446, Granite Bay, CA 95746, US

(916) 792-8866

FEC # C0062938

FPPC # 1397412