Your Membership Dues at Work

At a Glance


  • Support and Resources to help move forward our agenda
  • Action committees   
  • Fees for affiliated democratic association dues
  • Get-out-the-vote efforts
  • Fundraisers, meetings, and other engagements fees
  • Operation costs (Print, newsletter, website, etc.,)


PWD Annual Membership

  • $50 - Standard Member
  • $35 - Senior (age 55 and older)
  • $20 - Student (with valid student ID)

*You will be redirected to the ActBlue website, where you can enter the proper membership amount.  If additional arrangements were made, you will be able to enter the amount discussed with the Treasurer.   

In Action



​Your annual supporting membership contribution enables us to provide informative, insightful programs​ for women Democrats who are seeking to hold office.   

Additionally, your dues will support community activism and service by, and for, women seeking to have a real impact on local politics​. As our membership grows, so does our political influence throughout the region. A portion of your membership goes directly to our local County Party. 

Staying Informed

You'll be among the first to hear about local, state and national issues affecting women and democrats. You'll receive exclusive information including regular email updates.

Our Community

Your membership instantly adds you to a community of like-minded individuals. ​Y​ou will be able to discuss, learn, and expand your knowledge through our meetings​, ​social events​ and informational programs​. 

Your Voice

Your membership provides you with voting privileges. Your vote will help us select the issues PWD needs to focus on. 


​You can participate in ​Political advocacy through Public Policy Committee​s ​and task forces​ and have ​opportunities to work on campaigns and fundraisers for candidates. 


​Your membership gives you access to ​attend speaker programs with distinguished leaders and guest speakers who bring insightful experience in the political arena.

​Y​ou'll be able to participate in free grassroots activists trainings.