A Statement to Our Members


Our organization has a unique and honorable history. While there have been previous clubs in our area with the same name, the formation of the current Placer Women Democrats began in November, 2016, shortly after the 2016 Presidential election. Diana Madoshi, Susan Gutowsky, and Tami Seigal met to discuss forming a club. Bylaws were created, and the group applied to become an officially chartered Democratic club in Placer County. After an initial meeting of interested parties in December, 2016, the club was officially chartered in January, 2017. 

Although our club began with just these three Board members, we have quickly grown to an organization of over 130 members and have become an active and vibrant voice in our community. We’ve held two candidate events-- a forum and a debate, and we’ve sponsored workshops for our members. We gather regularly for membership meetings and our monthly socials often include members of other local Democratic clubs. We’ve hosted Christine Pelosi, chair of the California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus and Democratic National Committee member, at two separate events, our Campaign Bootcamp 2.0 and our first fundraiser, “First We Marched . . . Now We Run.” We network with Democratic clubs in surrounding counties and we count many political activists among our membership. 

The mission of the Placer Women Democrats is to promote qualified Democratic candidates for local, state, and federal office, with a particular interest in promoting qualified Democratic women for elective office. Through the efforts of our Candidate Services committee, we have the unprecedented opportunity to flip this Red district to Blue. While we have several PWD members supporting different candidates in the current District 4 Congressional race, we have not endorsed any particular candidate. The endorsement of our organization will occur as a result of the vote of our members in December 2017.  Any suggestion that PWD is promoting specific candidates or working against specific candidates is misleading and incorrect, and is detrimental to the reputation, hard work, and dedication of all of the members of Placer Women Democrats.

Moving into 2018, PWD will continue to nurture and promote candidates for local and state races. We look forward to presenting programs that will allow these candidates to interact with and become familiar to the community.